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Easter Flowers 

Let the Easter celebrations begin by dressing your house with a lovely Easter Nest arrangement or treat yourself, or a friend, to a beautiful bouquet of British Spring Flowers.

Like the Mother’s Day 'Floral Field', your 'Easter Nest' also comes as a kit so you or other family members can make a unique creation at home. All Easter flowers are delivered direct to your door (or to a friend or relative if they are within our delivery area).  All Easter deliveries are on Thursday 1st April.      

And remember, if you have a Mother’s Day 'Floral Field', it can be transformed into an Easter Nest – by us or by you/your family with the Easter Transformation Kit (click here for details). 

Orange Flowers

Enjoy a British Flowers workshop with Ashwell Flowers and Floral Designer Lizzie Cree

Introducing   Ashwell Flowers

Ashwell Flowers is a start up, artisan flower grower on the north Herts border with Cambs and Beds. We'll be growing, supporting and promoting British flowers and supplying our own seasonal flowers between April and October (and just a few for Mother's Day and Easter). Additionally we'll be working with the best local professionals to bring you beautiful floral work under the 'Ashwell Flowers Hosts ...' banner throughout the year. 

This Mother's Day and Easter, Ashwell Flowers is Hosting ..... Ashwell based Floral Designer Suzanne Humbert to deliver some beautiful gifts to your door - we hope you'll enjoy the selection we have for you.   

Barbara Lohoar

Ashwell Flower Farm


All Easter flowers, arrangements and kits will be delivered on 1st April


Ready-made Easter 'Nest' £40 


In a traditional Easter palette of yellows, oranges and whites, these British flowers form a beautiful arrangement which will charm everyone.  In the 'Nest', covered in Norfolk moss, twigs and feathers, you'll discover a little nest full of tiny speckled eggs.


Ready-made Easter 'Nests' can be delivered either to you, a friend or relative, providing they live within 10 miles of Ashwell (see FAQs for details).   

DIY Easter Nest Kit £35 


Make your own Easter Nest or give the gift of creativity this Easter, with this lovely kit of British Spring flowers and foliage. Full instructions are included together with everything you need including feathers and the ingredients to add a little nest!   


Your flowers and foliage will be delivered in water to keep them fresh - we'll collect the floral bucket from you at a later date. 


Beautiful Easter Bouquet

inc. vase £30

A beautiful Spring bouquet is available for delivery on Thursday 1st April.


Your flowers will be a palette of yellows, whites and oranges. Do note however, we only use British flowers and foliage (#GrownNotFlown) and therefore the exact flowers and foliage may be slightly different from the picture - but they will still be in the same palette and be gorgeous!


Your flowers will be delivered in a vase - for you or your recipient to keep. They will also be carefully packaged in a box for giving - if you don't need the box just let us know in the comments field when you order.


Recycle and Reuse

All the contents of your Mother's Day Floral Field  and Easter Nest can be recycled or reused.


The jam jars can be reused - maybe even for making jam (!) - or pop them into your recycling; the flowers and foliage can be composted and your bulb bowl can be used for planting - if you have some bulbs coming up in the garden why not dig them up when they're in bud and use the moss to make another arrangement for your home.

'Transform my ‘Floral Field’ to an Easter ‘Nest’ - DIY kits £25 or we'll do it for you £30  


If you've bought, or were given, a Floral Field transform it into an Easter Nest ready for the next celebration - complete with little eggs! We can transform it for you, or you can do it yourself, with an easy to follow kit.  If you’d like us to do the transformation let us know (email, phone or message) and we'll be in contact to arrange. 

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