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The Budding Flower Farmer 
Zoom Workshop 

Lessons and learnings from three flower farmers completing their first year
growing and selling cut flowers 


Saturday 9th April 2022  

Time: 4 – 6/6.30pm

Price: £45  

Limited Places.


Join me, Barbara Lohoar, Fiona Paxton from Pulvertoft Flowers and Sofie Stewart from Hazel & Bee for this exciting new Zoom Workshop where we’ll be sharing our knowledge and insights from the raw fresh perspective of completing our first season.  After a few years it’s easy to forget what was really happening in that first year.  We’re different ages, at different life stages, in different locations and selling into very different markets from different types of plots.  Our common aim is, however, to share - in a ‘warts and all’ way and in as much detail as the time allows - the good , the bad and even a bit of the ugly  – what we’ve learnt , what have we actually grown (in detail) and how much money are we making .  

We’ll also be covering:

  • The resources and suppliers we found most useful in our initial research (saving you, we hope, lots of time and money),

  • Our various approaches to business planning, communication and research (what have we found important to do and when - rather than worrying about it all - all the time!)

  • How we each developed our very different sites (what we surprisingly did in common)

  • What flowers and foliage (in detail) we’ve grown – what have been the common winners and losers that we all agree on

  • Who are we selling to?   What have we spent? What have we made?

  • What record keeping has worked and not worked for us?

We want to spend the two hours giving you as much relevant detail as we can and so before the workshop you’ll get a video tour of each of our patches and then afterward you’ll receive a handy e-booklet of the various resources and plants we will have mentioned. 

We hope you’ll join us and enjoy also connecting with other flower farmers starting out on their first crazy year!  See you in November.