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Christmas Wreath Making Workshops 

Join Suzanne Humbert (Floral Designer), and me, Barbara Lohoar (Ashwell Flowers) at a fun Christmas Wreath Making or Garland Making workshop.  Choose if you would like to make a Classic or  Contemporary wreath design and indicate this when you book.  See below for some of the wreaths YOU could be making!  These pictures are just a taste of what you could make with the large variety of ingredients we will supply. We promise to guide you through every step of the way and guarantee you will be delighted with what you make! 

This year we have also introduced a new workshop on making a Christmas Garland for your mantal piece or stairs.  Any queries just let us know.

The team at the Bushel and Strike in Ashwell have again kindly agreed to host us in their accommodating reception room. 

Barbara Lohoar

Ashwell Flower Farm

07720 429706

workshop 1.jpg

2023 Workshop Dates in Ashwell


The Bushel & Strike Reception Room, 15 Mill St, Ashwell, Baldock. SG7 5LY 

Christmas Wreath Making

Thursday 30th November - 7.30pm                 

Friday 1st December - 12am

Friday 1st December - 6pm                 

Saturday 2nd December - 1pm

Garland Making

Sunday 3rd December - 11am

bushel workshop.JPG
workshop 4.jpg

Example Classic wreath designs - we'll show you many more in the workshop. 

classic burgundy side.jpg
Ready Made Luxury classic rustic.jpg
half nautral bronze and green ribbon.jpg
half classic with burgundy ribbon.jpg

The Classic natural - 'Ribboned Ring'

-  with a bronze and olive 'Ribbon Ring' design. 

The Classic traditional - 'Ribboned Ring'

-  all the trimmings and a Burgundy Ribbon Ring design.

Example Contemporary wreath designs you could make at the workshop - there'll be lots of different ingredients to choose from.

burgundy circle.JPG
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