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Choose from our beautiful Classic & Contemporary  Wreath Making Kits to make your own unique creation. 

We're very happy to be reintroducing  our wreath making kits from a couple of years ago. Each contains a large range of carefully selected  fresh and dried materials for you to make your own unique wreath at home - perhaps joining friends or family to make together over a coffee or glass or wine.

Choose a 'Classic' kit or a 'Contemporary' kit by looking at designs below - your kits will come with everything you will need. Each comes with full written instructions and a 'how-to-make' video link illustrating the essential skills and giving you a variety of ideas to get the creative ideas flowing. 

All our kit come in a useful and re-usable hessian bag - also lovely if you are gifting a kit to someone - they make excellent early Christmas gifts.  You can choose the type of wreath kit to gift or by giving a Kit Gift Vouchers your loved one can choose themselves - Kit Gift Vouchers are also available in the shop.  

Have a look at the designs below and start to feel crafty!   

Note - all kits will be dispatched or delivered on Tuesday 28th November only.

And of course, any queries just call me on 07720 429706 .   

Barbara Lohoar

Ashwell Flower Farm

07720 429706

 What to do next: 

Step 1: Have a look at all the designs below.  

Step 2: Decide to have a Classic or Contemporary design kit or buy an e-gift voucher (to print at home) so your loved one can choose for themselves.

Step 3: Mark in the comments field if there is anything you particularly like or dislike and we'll do our best to accommodate.  

Step 5: Click here to go to the shop to make your selection. 


You could be making one of these Classics Wreath with one of our kits...

classic burgundy side.jpg
classic silver ribbon.jpg

The Classic traditional

-  with a taffeta Burgundy ribbon and no feathers.

The Classic traditional 

-shown here with a taffeta  Silver Grey ribbon.

classic with feathers.jpg

The Classic traditional 

-shown here with feathers and no ribbon. 

You could be making one of these Contemporary wreaths with one of our kits... 


The Contemporary - 

-shown here with no ribbon, with feathers and the design focus on the bottom left.  This bottom left focus design will be what you will get unless you specify otherwise. Just add a note in the Comments field when ordering to indicate any specific ingredient or design requirement and whether you would like a ribbon or not.

burgundy circle.JPG

The Contemporary  - 

-shown here with a taffeta  burgundy ribbon but with the design focus top right. Feathers added. 


The Contemporary  

-shown here with a Rustic Hessian Ribbon and the more circular design focus in the top left.

The Ribbons

Each kit can come with or without a ribbon.  Choose from shimmering taffetas - Burgundy Red, Silver Grey. Khaki Green or Bright Orange - or a natural Rustic Hessian or no ribbon. Indicate your choice when you order in the shop.


Foliage bucket

orange ribbon.JPG
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