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Ashwell Flower Farm in North Hertfordshire growing sustainable fresh seasonal British Flowers
Flower Subscriptions starting in 2024
- from £20 
For those wishing to receive regular deliveries fresh from the farm
Ashwell Flower Farm Gift Voucher 3.png

Whether for you or a loved one this is the perfect way to receive or gift regular, fresh, seasonal flowers and foliage, locally nurtured in a sustainable way. Each bucket of flower stems is freshly picked on the farm and then conditioned  to prolong the vase life of your #grownnotflown flowers. Prices include local delivery within 5 miles of the farm (central Ashwell village - SG7 5PJ) - if you are further afield do ask for a delivery quotation.


How does it work?


1. Choose how much you would like to spend on each delivery.

2. Decide how often you would like delivery.

3. The British flower season starts in earnest around April and I will then contact the recipient to arrange the first delivery.

4. Before each delivery I will contact the recipient to check delivery is ok for that week (being a small business I can delay or change deliveries depending on individual circumstances - holidays are allowed!).

5. My customers then leave a clean container outside in a shaded area with a little water in - I then pop the flowers in that when I deliver. No wrapping and no waste.

If you would like an e-gift certificate to send as a gift please make a note in the comments field of your order.

Any other queries or questions or if you would like a value or frequency not provided on the website then do just contact me and I'll be happy to help out. Email me here.

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