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Grow your own Seasonal Flowers 
Zoom Workshop 

Experience the joy of having your own
fresh flowers in your home
for months on end.   

“Beauty in every season”


·         March: Mon 13th 7pm SOLD OUT


Drop me a note (here) if you wish to be advised when new workshop dates are added.  

2 - 2.5 hours

Price: £50 (inc. pre workshop video and post workshop e-booklet)

Limited Places


Discover how you can have armfuls of beautiful fresh cut flowers straight from your garden and experience the joy of having fresh flowers in your home for months on end. This is a workshop for anyone who would like more flowers in their life!  

Who you will be learning from

Join three flower farmers (Barbara from Ashwell Flowers, Alison Down from Boho Flowers, and Fiona Paxton from Pulvertoft Flowers) to learn the when, what, and how to grow seasonal flowers for you, your family, and friends.


What you'll learn

Each season has its own beauty. You’ll learn how to grow in keeping with nature to enjoy beautiful flowers and foliage throughout the year.  Learn 

  • The different flower types (hardy annuals, half hardy annuals, perennials, shrubs, and grasses) and why each type will have a role throughout the year 

  • What flowers to sow from seed to get the most from your garden 

  • How to sow and look after your seedlings  

  • How to set up your plot (including support structures if required) 

  • What tools are most useful, the best on-line suppliers, easy compost making etc. etc. etc. 

  • How to pick to get the most blooms and the longest vase life


Additional resources

We want to make the most of the time we have together and so, as well as answering all your questions in the workshop we’ll also send you a video of our flower farm plots beforehand.  Additionally, after the workshop, you’ll receive an e-booklet with lots of the useful information we cover in the workshop. 


Why grow your own cut flowers? 

The cut flower industry is a vast flower producing machine in which heat, light and pesticides are used to provide regular, reliable, and often out of season flowers across the world. The global environmental impact this has on our world is HUGE! 

As we are all becoming more aware of our own impact on our planet and looking for ways to live more sustainably those in the flower industry are starting to use more seasonal and local flowers instead of imported ones. They not only have a much smaller carbon footprint but they are also often beautifully scented and their shapes enable the creation of more natural styled creative arrangement.  

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