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Monthly Flowers - FAQ

Q: How much is it to join the Monthly Flower Club?

A: You buy three months of flowers. Each bouquet is £40 and so to join will cost £120.

Q: Which months do you deliver in?

A: We follow the British Flower growing season from April to October (exc. August). 

Q: Can I have more than 3 months of flowers?

A: Yes, just let us know which months you would like to add.

Q: When and where do you deliver?

A: We deliver locally within 5 miles of the village of Ashwell on the North Herts, Beds, Cambs border.  Deliveries are made mid-month. We'll contact you each month to arrange the exact date.

Q: What happens if I am out when you deliver?

A: You can leave your FREE vase in a safe space with some water in and we will leave your flowers in there.  If this isn't possible for any reason then please contact us.

Q: Are all the flowers British?

A: Ashwell Flower Farm is a fledging flower farm and so we will also be sourcing flowers from other local growers and British flower farmers.  However, if we need to, we will source abroad but only if we have to.  We are committed to getting the growing British flower market to flourish!   

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